Lord, Beer me Strength

(75 points to those who got the Seinfeld reference in the blog title). I know what you’re thinking, this could be a weirdly religious blog about beer. Nah, just my attempt at trying to put as many beer puns as I can think of into this. This is me sharing my affinity for a frothy liquid that is as simple as just four ingredients. These four heavenly ingredients make up my alcoholic drink of choice, beer.

This blog will be beer based in information but there will be many factors that go into it. Am I at a bar/restaurant where  atmosphere can change the way I view a new beer? Absolutely. Will I comment on the shitty service I may receive? Absolutely. I have a lot of opinions and I couldn’t think of a better way to share them. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those fancy schmancy blogs talking about “mouth feel” and other nonsense.  I may occasionally talk about the “back end” of a beer but believe me, I will be giggling as I write it.

I’m not a beer snob in any sense,I love the cheap shit just as much as much as the next guy. I might not rate them since I’ve had more than I would care to admit but they could sneak in from time to time. I love beer, my girlfriend loves beer and we like to try as many as we can so I thought what the hell, I can write about it and everything else that may go along with it.

Please share your comments, thoughts and recommendations with me to beers you think are stellar and let’s enjoy!

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(I don’t condone selfies in any fashion but I just got this shirt and had to show it off)


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