I ran away from a bee

(Dislaimer: I’m an idiot and my original “Welcome to my blog” post is right below this one. Feel free to read out of order.)

Golf beer can be the most calming and frustrating beer you may have, and in the process you may run from a bee like a five year old. Either way I drank the, wait for it, somewhat overrated Yuengling.

I gave this a “4” on Untappd (dougilovebeer) but I am going to correct myself and give it more like a 3. I do enjoy this beer, but the obsession I’ve seen and heard about it is a bit much. Like I said, on the golf course it’s fabulous, but outside of that its just average. I would much rather have the IPL in a perfect world. If you think I’m way off on this, please let me know because I love a great discussion.

I’d love for this blog to be as interactive as possible so please leave comments, call me an asshole because you disagree, or just share because you dig it

Just a heads up since this is a new blog and I’ve been drinking the past week getting ready for it, the posts will be coming fast and furious.



3 thoughts on “I ran away from a bee

  1. I think all the hype is really tied into the price point. Don’t you?
    I agree, outside on a warmer day- it’s pretty tasty! But a night out at a game or at a bar with friends… it’s not going to be my go to.
    Plus after a 6 pack (or more) do taste buds really discern? 🙂

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