$9 beers and man buns

As I sit here watching past Wrestlemanias,

I get put in a reminiscing mood and made me think of my day of impromptu man bun hunting. On December 6 2015 at the Big Ticket Festival in Jacksonville I went on a hunt for man buns. My favorite YouTube video “stop the knot” was very much an inspiration and basically like shooting fish in a barrel, I found a myriad of them. While enjoying a bevy of nine dollar tall Blue Moons*, which to me would never be worth nine dollars, but outside in December enjoying great music just might do the trick.

Blue Moon isn’t my go to everyday wheat beer, I’d usually go for a Shock Top, but it does the trick in a tight spot. On the other hand with Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, I can always go for it in any season. Perfect amount of cherry and wheat and a little medicine tasting, which is weird, because I still love it in spit of that fact. I have a soft spot for all Sam Adams being from Massachsetts and I will be reviewing the “Pack of Rebels” variety can pack in my next post.

Until then “stop the knot”

*there was an option for a cheaper, smaller size beer. One thing in life is for sure, if there is an option for a bigger beer, I’m taking it.


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