Insert “Gose” pun here

I have waited 11 long months to taste this amazingness. First spotted in Charleston, SC at Proof, which is a great place to check out, and I was intrigued. Sour beer?! what the fuck is that and who would drink such a thing. Fast forward the 11 months and I have tried and enjoyed every sour beer I can get my hands on. Well, maybe not enjoyed everyone but we’ll get to that on another post. I introduce you to my new one and only…

This sweet nectar is other worldly and pretty much like licking pure salt but in the best way possible. This Gose is the best combination of saltiness and tartness that I will partake in again and again.

And again…
And again…

With no segue at all, I’m onto my next brewski

Let me just say that I love Hilton Head Brewing Company. There “Pimpking” pumpkin beer makes the song “Hallelujah” go off in my head. This lager unfortunately isn’t their strongest offering. The lager is spot on in what a lager should be but the taste is where it goes south. More of just a tropical overtone to it rather than very fruity and refreshing but the flavor gets lost. Too much of a mishmash of different things that nothing really “tropical” stands out. Forgive me HH Brewing Company? 🙂


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