Hoppy Easter Massholes.

I really wasn’t going to do the obligatory “Hoppy Easter” but I realized “Hoppy” can be a two for one pun. Hoppy as in the delicious Rebel IPA’s I drank, and as in the Easter bunny, so I guess I’ll be predictable. How could I turn down a pun like that. Anyway, on to the beer…

I grinned from ear to ear when I saw this pack of Rebels staring me in the face. Being a Masshole for most of my life, Sam Adams will always hold a special place for me. I’m a sucker for anything Mr.Adams has to offer so I was willing to drop the $15 just to try the one new Rebel Cascade IPA.

At a 7.3 ABV it has a really quick finish so you’re always ready for the next sip. An appreciated malty backend:
is great but seemed to lead to more bitterness as the beer went on. I would absolutely drink again if it came in a sixer of it’s own.

On to my second favorite Rebel is the Grapefruit IPA (6.3 ABV). I’m not pretending to be one of those guys that think fruit beer is girly. Give me every fucking fruit beer you have, I’m down and not afraid to admit it. This is a magical brew that has the perfect amount of fruitiness along with the bitterness of the fruit itself to balance itself out. This is one of those beers that after a day of drinking on the porch you won’t realize how drunk you are until you try to stand up.

My least favorite has to be the DIPA Rebel Rouser. The 85 IBU really makes the 8.4 ABV seem higher. I was surprised at my admitted love for double IPA’s at first but this isn’t something I would go to again, unless it’s the last beer of the pack. My go to DIPA has to be Sweetwater Hop Hash, but that’s another story for another day.

Last but not least is the king of the Rebel nation, the classic Rebel IPA. For me, this is what an IPA should be and as much as I don’t want to hype anything west coast, the hops are what make this great. The right amount of hops and bitterness get this beer to the place where it should be: Number one.

Sam Adams, that magnificent bastard, should be proud that he’s affiliated with this amazing liquid goodness.


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