He did the “Hop”ster Mash

Pub crawls are the tits. Haunted things are the tits. Put them both together and you get a smorgasbord of beers and ghouls and everything in between. (More on that later).

Weekends are Over Rated (Untappd:5% ABV/ 3.5) is a Saison/Farmhouse Ale. I love me some Saisons, but this was very unimpressive. A dark color threw me off and the rest is history. First stop was Six Pence Pub in Savannah and hilarity will for sure ensue.




Corona Light @Mcdonough’s Irish Pub (Untappd: 4% ABV/ 2.75) is a three word review. (Had to achieve the Cerveza Matador badge!)

It’s. A. Corona.


We come to our third spot, the 17Hundred90 Inn, where a woman named Sara committed suicide by falling head first out the window of one of the rooms, real 1408 kind of shit. As I hear about this tale of woe, I am trying to enjoy a Sweetwater 420 (Untappd: 5.7 ABV/ 3.5). (Don’t worry, Shannon is driving.) I absolutely love Sweetwater 420 for its floral and citrusy hoppy goodness but for some reason, maybe even Sara herself, this 420 didn’t taste right. Be it otherworldly or not, I always enjoy my Sweetwater so I’ll chalk it up to supernatural tomfoolery.

When Abe’s on Lincoln was at capacity because it was St. Paddy’s in Savannah and the entire city was drinking, the tour ended but we stopped off for one more at O’Connell’s.  Beer is amazing but sometimes my love for apples get in the way and I just want a cider. Magners Irish Cider (Untappd: 4.5 ABV/ 2.25), which I somewhat enjoyed, didn’t put me over the edge.  Still sober I realize the dryness of this cider (served with ice) and I drink until there is no more.

All in all this was a great time, but next time I would pick my beers more carefully. On the bright side, skeptic or not, I spotted some ghosts. In the picture below you will see the same gravestone landmark in the background with an orb (spirit) in a different spot three separate pictures.  Whether I was intoxicated or not, I feel this pic proves something, or maybe it’s because I watch too much Ghost Adventures.  Either way, boys and girls become beer and ghouls on this fateful night of drunken discovery.


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