Stuck between a brew and New York City (Part 1)

(150 points to the person who got the song reference)

I’ve been down south for just about a year now. A change was absolutely needed for me and I left a place that I fell in love with, the ever so beautiful Northeast. To my delight, when my girlfriend asked to accompany her to her home state of New York, I jumped at the chance.

NYC was in my sights and I was elated to once again drink in the city that never sleeps. My quest to see “Monk’s Cafe” aka

of Seinfeld fame, took us on a 50+ block quest and needless to say it was time for a beer, and where else, but an Irish pub. After a quick frigid stroll, Tara Hill was right around the corner and we began our drinking day. First off was my “when in Rome” choice, so I picked a Harp Premium Lager (3.5/5 Untappd). It was a little lighter than I remember, nothing to write home about, but it made sense at the time. Next up was a Brooklyn Lager (3.75/5 Untappd) that drank more like a black lager in texture and color. Our warmup was complete and we were off in the frozen tundra once again.

After passing through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, and the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops, we arrived at 5 Napkin Burger in Hell’s Kitchen.

First on the list was the local Captain Lawrence Brewing IPA (4.25/5 Untappd). A beautifully drinkable IPA that was much welcomed after our slushy voyage. Allagash Saison (3.5/5 Untappd) was something I’ve wanted for quite awhile and didn’t dissapoint. Light and easy drinking with fruity overtones was a pallet refresher for the rest of my drinking adventure. To complete the Trifecta I went with a Duvel (3.25/5 Untappd). A Belgian favorite, I had seen so many variations of this brew and had to finally end my curiosity. The strong ABV can be deceiving, as it was surprisingly smooth and not to filling. With a cool NYC vibe, amazing burgers (get the Avocado Ranch, paired great with all three) and a great recommendation from my beer genius girlfriend Shannon, this is a must stop.

My taste of a winter up North felt more like a fucking Las Vegas all you can eat buffet, but we have places to go and beers to drink. Two more stops that would be the highlight of the trip ,and also the start of my brain becoming somewhat fuzzy. Same beer time, same beer blog for Part 2…

Here’s a preview.


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