In a Brew York State of Mind

Never thought I’d be keeping with a New York theme but keeping my Red Sox bias aside, and also currently watching the Celtics I feel better about it. I do have to let you people know about an amazing brewery I visited.


Before my NY marathon day, I had the pleasure of visiting Blue Point Brewery in Long Island. Being only familiar with the Toasted Lager I was very excited to try others. After being complimented on my throat tattoo by the lovely woman who was taking our sample order, I took in all the sights and smells in the packed house that was the tasting room.

Before I get to far there was one hiccup in my NY beer drinking escapade. The end of the night six pack was the Spring Fling (1.5/5 Untappd) and unfortunately was like drinking a penny. Nobody’s perfect so I forgive and forget knowing the liquid goodness that was coming to me. First was the RastafaRye IPA (3.5/5 Untappd). The name alone tickled my funny bone and the beer didn’t dissapoint. My love for Rye IPA is a new love and I can’t get enough. Even in can form, which I enjoyed today as a breakfast beer, had a really great hop flavor with the perfect amount of smooth rye to actually make a fucking amazing summer time brew. The Toasted Lager (3.5/5) is very self explanatory, it’s a lager that tastes like its toasted, and it’s also delightful. Moving on to the favorite of my brief Blue Point drinking career is the White IPA. No “pun”ny name needed, this is a fabulous blend of spices on the front end with the finish of an IPA. Very white ale-ish in its execution, I could drink these all day and the ABV would be creeping beside me, but that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying on a nice beach day. The backyard can also act as a beach in a jam, you’re welcome.

My experience was great and I hope to get back there again. A big thank you to the amazing ladies and gents at Blue Point for hospitality and sending me some goodies. They were drank with great pleasure and the word will be spread. Drink local everyone!


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