River Dog is also Mans Best Friend

imageI’ve been living in the lowcountry (all one word, I promise) for just over a year. I’ve had some great local beer, but I’ve found the holy mecca of craft concoctions at River Dog Brewery in Ridgeland, SC. Since 2013 they’ve been a brewery all their own with beers you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve been fortunate enough to live very close, and a flight is always in order when Shannon and I go. As an avid flighter (totally a word) I haven’t had anything I haven’t liked. You like Stouts? Imperial Perkolatte (4.25/5 Untappd) You like Sours? Last Red Cent (3.75/5 Untappd) You like Doppelbocks? The Doginator (3.5/5 Untappd).

Imperial Perkolatte 11.2 ABV

My last visit I was able to take a private tour of the brewery and it was an amazing experience. The crazy modern canning machine was only second to the barrel aging room. John Federal, head brewer, has a crazy beautiful room where all the barrel aged beers are…well, for lack of better word, they’re aging. From white wine barrels to bourbon barrels and everything in between, only goodness comes out of this room, and I can’t wait to taste.

Leaving with two exclusive growlers:


I was off to the races with trying 64 oz of this deliciousness. First off was the Beer Street Journal Collab Saison (3.75/5 Untappd). Coming in at 7.4% ABV, this red wine barrel aged saison made me a fan of these kinds of brews. The hintest hints of spice and red wine up front quickly fades to orange. A welcomed dryness made me ready for the next sip.

Growler No. 2: Doovalacky as smooth as silk, especially for a 9.7% ABV. As I’m writing this, I’m finishing up this 32 oz growler and loving every second of it. The slightly boozy undertones, which I don’t always care for, really didn’t bug me. A hint of pineapple with a malty biscuit undertone scent is a great preview to what you’re about to drink. The golden promise malt (same malt used for scotch) also comes through in every sip, but being well balanced, it enhances the taste ten fold.

All in all, if you’re a craft beer lover, the River Dog Brewery is a premium destination. The staff is extremely helpful and are all very passionate about what they do and it definitely shines through. (Probably because they do it so well!)


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