Charleston is for beer lovers…

Welcome to Holy City!! Not just a nickname for this “Overly Friendly” city but a brewing company who makes some kick ass beer. 

First things first, I’m a sucker for a good lookin can and damn are these things pretty. Each one is better than the next and the branding is top notch. My only gripe was that I couldn’t find the ABV on the can itself. Either way, the can game is strong with this one. 

First up is the Overly Friendly IPA 7.6 ABV (3.75/5 Untappd). Right off the bat it had a real West Coast IPA flavor to it, which I welcomed, and frankly the only time I prefer something West Coast. Almost DIPA like in its execution and its malt character, makes this liquid goodness hoppy in all the right places. In other words, the hops don’t lie. 

Paradise 4.2 ABV (2.5/5)  is an extremely interesting session IPA that was made with a message behind it. Right away a super mosaic hop scent screams a higher ABV but still is a super light day drinking remedy. Some session drinkers might be scared off by the hoppy beginning but the finish is as clean as can be. Something that transcends beer itself, this was brewed to support the Don’t Drill SC movement, to prevent future off shore drilling right here in South Carolina and paid off! Kudos to these guys for using their frothy platform for something meaningful and historic. 

(Can isn’t in B&W but thought it looked cool like this, thought along the lines of the Dick van Dyke show for some random reason)

Now that you’re thoroughly confused from that side note, I will move onto the darker side of Holy City…

…No, not that kind of dark side Undertaker but the stout and porter goodness side. For me it was a toss up between the Pluff Mud Porter 5.5 ABV (4/5) and the RJ Rockers collab on Half Calf 7.3 ABV (3.75/5). Half Calf gets all the credit in the world for the name alone but I did get more of a coffee milk vibe from the Pluff Mud. Both are easily drinkable despite the varying ABV’s and super smooth going down. Put a blindfold on and I’d most likely pick the Pluff Mud for the coffee milk stout but Half Calf is a crazy good plain coffee stout with richness and smoothness galore. 


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