#fbf is now Fresh Beer Friday

I know I’ve gone on ad nauseam about River Dog but seriously, this beer is fucking delicious. They have Fresh Beer Friday in which they introduce a new beer exclusively in their taproom. Luckily for me, they are right down the road for me so I can take advantage of this with my weird schedule. 

Last week was Bedroom Eyes which was a pale wheat ale with lemon zest, ginger and brewed with peaches. Much to my chagrin they tapped the Port Royal Sound sour in a small quantity so I said “what the hell,I’ll take one”. I always say everything happens for a reason. 

Which brings me to this week and the River Dog Grisette (4.5/5). A perfect and crushable low ABV Belgian brew that screams I want to drink beer in the morning (no judgement zone). Pictured above with its golden yellow color, this bad boy goes down in Usain Bolt fashion with a subtle spice note and citrus tidings. 

All in all, this brewery is better than yours so act accordingly.  


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