East of Two Presidents…

Bloomington may just be a city in Illinois to most people, but to me it is now home to a super modern web marketing phenom in Destihl Brewing Company. As soon as I opened the care package I knew this place was different. From the packaging, to the caliber of beers they offer I already could tell I’d be super bummed I couldn’t get this on the regular. What intrigued me from the start was their Wild Sour series and I knew I had to have them. I was lucky enough to enjoy three in the series and they didn’t dissapoint. 

First off, my affinity for Goses has been well documented, so for my initial foray into this brewers I had to have this first. I mean this as a high compliment, I swear, as this would be an accurate portrayal of my first sip of “Here Gose Nothin” (5/5 Untappd)…

This meant two things, one meaning my “sour” face, and two is this beer was so damn good, it brought tears to my eyes. The color intrigued me being very amberish, as well as being very full bodied for a Gose. This is not for first time Gose drinkers I’m afraid, I would suggest a person drink this with a few sours under their belt, as I wouldn’t want to scare away anyone from this amazing series. A welcomed nuttiness was a twist that I will take again, again, and again. 

Pun alert: Counter ClockWeisse (4/5) is a lower ABV in this series but once again is deceivingly full bodied and of course delicious. Not as sour as their counterparts besides a subtle bite towards the end, it is insanely drinkable with a much appreciated sweet candy like taste to start. 

To complete this colorful can trifecta…

Is the…

…no not that Flanders but the Wild Sour Series Flanders Red (4.5/5). As dark maroon as the blood spilling I’m witnessing watching Hellraiser 3, this brew reprises my sour face. Besides being super sour, this is everything you want in a red and an amazing conclusion to this trifecta of greatness. 

Artwork is key for me, in a can or bottle, that could potentially make or break a beer for me. This leads me to Destihl’s take on the Belgian Tripel (2/5). I’ve had my fair share of 10+ABV tripels but I have to say this one was a little bit boozy for me. Not that it was over the top but the aftertaste left me with a not so desirable liquor feeling. To come to its aid, I’m not saying it is a bad take on this style at all but it just wasn’t for me. This is where the artwork comes in though.  Three badass skelton monks adorn this bottle, which caught my eye immediately, and once again showed the vision and passion of this brewery who knows what it’s doing. 

Last but certainly not least is the Saint Dekkera Sour Reserve Gose (4.75/5). This wonderfully plus size bodied take is such a welcomed development to this beer style. I love me some salty kick and this one (without tasting like pure salt water) is an aged tasting masterpiece that will go down as something I will remember from here on out. From the parchment style bottle label to the smoothness of its insides, I would drink this everyday and twice on Sunday. Who would’ve thought Black Metal and Gose would meld in such perfect harmony. 

From the internet presence to the amazingly crafted beers, this is right up there with my favorite breweries and should be a blueprint for what a modern brewery should be. 


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