Tucked away in the now brewery heavy North Charleston are the four walls of freshness that make up Frothy Beard Brewing. I’m talking literally four walls, well, actually three since one is retractable, but you would never know it from the amount of beer they’re able to pump out.  From super light strawberry blondes to imperial stouts, not to mention a great name, these three partners know their shit. Visiting the taproom and being able to see all the equipment and the brew process right in front of me as I was drinking that same beer was a cool experience. 

Like I said before, “The flight. Always get the flight”, I boarded Frothy Beard Airlines and once we were at cruising altitude, I started off with the Strawberry Blonde Ale (4/5 Untappd).  Super grapefruit in color, this looks as great as it tastes. At a 5.7% ABV this could be the most crushable summer like beer there is without a watered down flavor. This may be just me but I definitely detected a hint of smoke showing me these guys really crossed the T’s and dotted their…

on this anomaly of a summer brew. You will notice a theme with these beers as they’re all 5.7ABV or lower and with a two hour drive ahead of me, responsibility takes over. The Creek Side Smoked Rye (3.75/5)  had the exact right amount of smoke to really smooth this beer out and once again make it super drinkable. On the lower ABV side for a rye at 5.5%, it doesn’t take away from the flavor and kept me wanting more. On a side note Taking Back Sunday came on over the speakers and the 23 year old me shrieked with joy, while the current 33 year old tried to keep it as cool as possible. 

Sumter St Amber (3.25/5) aka Amber AF

I know I’ve repeated this and I will again for the next beer but at a 5.2 ABV is light enough for summer consumption without sacrificing body and taste. It was about 95 degrees in the shade that day so I was absolutely feeling the summer vibe even sitting inside. The beers themselves weren’t the coldest but with it being hot as balls (that’s the actual technical term), I don’t fault them for less than ice cold beer. I fault this man and this man only.

I was graciously given a sample of the 100 Cups of Coffee Porter which was absolutely glorious in every way. Silky smooth cold pressed taste with an ABV of a porter (7%), this brought me to a level that many would think borderline inappropriate. Moving on before this gets akward, I brought home two growlers of some higher ABV shit that really intrigued me on my visit. ¡Ándale! (3/5) is their take on a pale ale that’s brewed with jalapeños and cilantro. I have to be honest that this wasn’t a favorite of mine but it wasn’t a fault of its execution. I’ve realized now that spicier beers, as much as I’ve tried, are just not my thing but this beer was exactly what it said it would be.  The heat comes right through as well as the freshness, they really compliment each other well. It’s not you Andalé, it’s me. Last but certainly not least was my favorite of the bunch. Sorry Elvis

You weren’t the inspiration for this beer but Harlowe’s Hats (4.75/5) is a perfect banana porter with a peanut buttery backbone. Some peanut butter in porters can be completely over powering and gross, but this one was smooth AF while still being full bodied. It checks in at 7.1%. The balance was unmatched and the banana was right there tagging along with its best bud and I was hooked. 

Coming later in the year, these gents are moving into a newer and bigger facility in West Ashley, SC. Where in turn more and more beards will be frothed and find out the great beer these classy fellas have to offer. 



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