Salt Lake City, Uinta

The title might seem weird to you but I basically took out Utah and put in Uinta. Uinta you ask? Uinta Brewing is a brewery churning out great beer located in Utah so I figured what the hell, Utah is now Uinta. 
IPA’s are the tits, we all know that. Nowadays, everyone tries to throw everything but the kitchen sink into an IPA with sometimes sub par results. That now stops with Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA (3.75/5 Untappd), which is actually what it says it is, an IPA with just enough tangerine flavor. Sweet Tangerine (cue The Hush Sound song)  #lookitup

cascades throug every sip but still has a subtle bitterness that makes this IPA, well an IPA.  Especially with tangerine beers, it can be too much where the beer taste vanishes or there’s no tangerine to speak of. This tangerine is always just hanging out in the background like a quasi-weird person trying to put himself into an akward conversation. (Don’t try this at home) After just about crushing this six pack, I was forgetting about the 7.3 ABV and my head quickly realized ,my motor skills be like

I was very new to Uinta before I tried the Hop Nosh Tangerine IPA but with my jaw firmly on the floor I researched and seeked out some other great Uinta brews. From their Baba Organic Black lager to their Ready Set Gose this Utah, non 3.2% beer brewery, is doing some great things. 




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