Beer Breath isn’t Bad, I Promise. 

When you see other people trying to do something different and dare I say for the umpteenth time, “not so average”, you have to tip your hat. This time, the tipping of my Boston hat (Go Sox!) is to Beer Breath Co. out of Santa Clarita, California. They don’t brew craft beer but they make some kick ass craft beer related clothing, that frankly is pretty fucking genius. 

I stumbled upon their Instagram account and I knew I needed these shirts immediately. I ventured for the Jaws beer shirt you see above and I have to say, I have gotten quite the bevy of compliments. These guys were super easy and great to deal with. On top of putting out a great product you get this cool shit with your order also!

Attention to detail is an extremely fine quality, just ask this guy 

And these guys are no different with this little gem…

“Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. Make sure you keep a well stocked fridge.”

Like I said, Fucking genius. 

Its always the little things that go a long way and when you’re enjoying some frothy fabulousness, why not do it in style. Craft beer reviews are also part of the “brew”tifully modern, so get your ass over and tell them Doug from sent ya. 

Yo won’t get anything special for saying it actually, I just always wanted to say that. 



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