This post isn’t about beer…

well then again maybe it is. I’ve come to the conclusion you can do just about anything with a beer involved, except this…

…Never this. 

Music has been a focus on this blog as well and what I’ve been listening to lately must be heard by everyone, like everyone everyone (I’m fucking serious…everyone). Apple Music has been a pretty great music pal for me finding new shit and this last week I stumbled upon this gentleman, James Arthur. 

He is apparently a former X Factor UK contestant so I was skeptical at first. First song was top notch but it wasn’t until the gem “Say You Won’t Let Go” that it completely knocked me out. Everything about this is pure beauty and dripping with raw honesty that I’m always a sucker for. On repeat for days…

(Run on sentence alert) I literally can’t stand The Voice, ten thousand episodes later and still twenty eight people left who can be saved, which then they can invite friends to join who also can be saved, in turn their pets pick a team and goes on and on and on. I’ve literally been waiting to find a spot in this blog to explain my utter dislike for this show, moving on now to Alicia Mother Fucking Keys. This album came out of nowhere and is my favorite since “Songs in A Minor”. Simple songs yet so intricate lyrically, these pieces of music hold so much weight it’s almost exhausting to listen to, in the best way possible. 

So please for your listening pleasure listen to these and your day will be better. Coming back to my first point, beer will make these musical masterpieces even better. 

I promise. Always beer…but once again



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