The name is House, Ice House. 

It hasn’t even been twenty minutes and he’s fucked a stranger, been followed by a man with womens sunglasses and beat up his chauffeur, I’ll take it. I do have to say Blu Ray is fucking unbelievable in this context and really restores these older movies well, which helps because this beer is dreadful. (Update: having drank 20 oz with no food, seems to taste like nothing at all now). 

Icehouse (1.5/5 Untappd) is apparently “brewed below freezing” to deliver a “bold, never watered down taste”, excuse me I…

almost got that out with a straight face. Not watered down?!? The word “Ice” is in the title, hence ice being water, melting ice equals undrinkable. It’s a thing really, I hate ice in anything so this just proves my theory of ice kills anything good. In the grand scheme of things I know there are worse beers out there, which may be coming up, but this James Bond is a cool cat. He’s in Jamaica to find John Strangways which totally reminds me of  the album “Strangeways Here We Come” by the Smiths so that’s def points on my end. 

Line of the movie so far is:

Blond Haired Dame: “How could you eat at a time like this?

BAMF James Bond: “Because I’m Hungry!”

After a 40 oz plastic bottle, yes I said plastic, and certain headache to follow I see the Austin Powers story for sure. One weird side note is that Sean Connery is always sweating, always. I don’t know if that’s by design or not but you can’t miss it. Maybe it’s his glistening of genius, who knows. 

Well the movie is over and the dreaded beer is gone. 1 down and 23 to go and it wasn’t as terrible as I first thought it might be. I say this now with more bottom of the barrel beers to go, but I have a good feeling about this. Until next time Sean…

PS: the blood stains are totally just red paint. They also used red paint in the movie so not sure if they knew it was bogus and just ran with it. We’ll never know…


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