From Busch with Love…

It’s that time again folks, another Bond means another “brewed ice cold for smoothness” bullshit beer. Tonight is the ever “smooth” and I use those quotes for sarcastic effect, Busch Ice. I figure I’ll get out all the Ice ones out of the way, it’s only uphill from here but for the moment I’ll be…

Not what I was going to say Arnold but I’ll take it from hurr (say in Nelly accent). 25 minutes in and another following from the airport and a slew of pretty suave pick up lines by Mr.Bond. The Frau Farbissina character has made her appearance ,aka #3, with might I say some pretty horrific voiceover work, but it beats a Bruce Lee movie. 

I’m going out on a very guessing limb here but this Busch Ice might be the best of the lot, as far as Ice beers can fair, but nevertheless I’m not complaining. This may be 1963 talking but I’m using “back to the salt mines” as code for sex from now on. Gypsy fights and a weird reference to a painting “having a pretty mouth”, this cinematic adventure is pretty on point, still keeping with the red paint blood theme. Being a novice to the extreme cheap beer category I have realized one thing, it tastes like nothing. Fuck the notion of its ice cold brewed to be smooth because what I’m picturing is a vat full of beer with an ice cube hanging above.

International man of mystery aside, James really leaves his fingerprints everywhere and I mean everywhere. I mean for all the semen this guy probably leaves behind CSI would have a field day and it wouldn’t matter in the long run because his crime clean up is sub par at best. Shame on you Sean Connery. As much as I’ve had 50 oz of bad beer, it can’t equal the crazy bad death acting of these people. I’m going to also say right now that the kiss quality of Mr. Bond is about as akward as a 16 year old practicing on one of their relatives. I will give no apologies for this statement. 

In conclusion and as the Bond films do, this is…

…But not quite the end as I move on to Natty Ice in Goldmember. 

Shit I mean Goldfinger. 


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