On the Edge of a Thunderball.

“It’s not a woman, it’s a man baby!” I can’t help myself with the AP references after #2 just made his appearance along with the chair burning henchmen. A bittersweet moment in this beers and bond series, as this is the last of Sean Connery. The sweet portion is maybe this will be the end of awkward kissing moments but for the bitter is what I’m currently drinking…

The ever so dreaded Icehouse…

Wait for it…

wait for it…

(Edge, the wrestler, yes I like wrestling.) *Nerd Alert*

An 8% doozy of a brew that will absolutely be a Top 3 of any “Worst of” list and for sure the worst of the shit beer I’ve had to encounter. What I’ve found is the fabulous balance of watching a Certified G (yet another wrestling reference) like oo7 while drinking the worst of the worst somehow cancels each other out. I mean how can I be miserable when the most awkward moment in cinema history is happening…​

Out of context, this scene can get pretty weird. The even weirder part is that that’s pretty much some of the only sex he had in in the whole movie. Not a way to send off Mr.Connery but he did survive swimming with sharks, sadly without frickin laser beams attached to their heads, but still a win. 

This might be the Edge talking but I’m a little lost in the plot for this one. As I’m trying to figure out this waterlogged plot James just sucked a poisonous barb out of a woman’s foot. Gross. Yep, still not following but he is in the water a lot, should’ve been called “ThunderPolo”, like water polo, get it?! I’m the funniest person I know haha but this is an underwhelming finale for Sean Connery… 

…fair enough Sean but you did teach me that a harpoon can be fashioned in an air tank to be used as a weapon.


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