You Only Live (Tw)ice. 

*Good News* Finally a perfect Bond Pun for my title. 

* Bad News* Well, I confess I fucked up and gave you people the wrong info. 

“Thunderball” wasn’t the last appearance for Mr. Connery, apparently he just need an extra year off, as this was the first film that came out two years after the last. He sure made an entrance as his first scene, after yet another awkward kiss, was “Why do Chinese girls taste different?” This would not be well received in this day and age but that’s a whole lotta beer and another story for another time. Speaking of liquid bliss the star of this cinematic adventure, and I use the word star loosely, is the key to the whole thing…

Keystone Ice, that is. (pretend you hear a sitcom laugh track after you read that)

Now read it one more time. Thank you for your cooperation. 

This beer compared to the rest of the Ice family isn’t completely a lost cause, and please don’t judge me by that statement. Light Keystone is a slight love of mine and whatever they do with the “Ice” version isn’t to far off so I’m not completely hating this one. 

Here are my beer lovers after reading that last sentence…

(Photo credit:

This Bond has it all besides it being the most racist asian movie I’ve ever seen but looking past that it’s levels above Thunderball. I also love the thought of the Austin Powers movies really taking cues from multiple movies and it’s so cool to watch the original ideas. Being a self professed music buff I have to say that the Bond theme done by John Barry has to be one of the greatest movies themes in history. Another favorite of mine is John Carpenter’s Halloween theme which as the Bond theme, you can really play anywhere in several of their movies and it’s so identifiable you know something is about to happen. 

Speaking of John Carpenter’s Halloween, the original Dr.Evil aka Ernst Stavro Blofeld, is the ever genius actor Donald Pleasance!! 

Now that I’ve gotten my fanboy outburst out of the way, my beer is done and the set of this amazing movie is my reward. All in all I would say this was a win/win as the beer wasn’t completely disgusting and “You Only Live Twice” is so far the best Bond movie yet. 
*completely off topic alert* If you’ve seen this movie or any of the previous ones, please feel free to comment and give your opinion as well. This is an open forum and I’d love to interact with my readers and get a dialogue open. 

Let’s do it!


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