Would You like Ice, Your Majesty?

If it’s this ice, I’m going to assume no but can’t hurt to ask right? 

The 70’s are almost upon us and technology is taking over, as the Bond theme has gotten a wee bit digital. The unmistakable guitar cue has now been replaced by a tinny sounding synth that is less to be desired. John Barry is still a genius so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt as I’m sure he’s just going with the times.  

*water fight alert* Just picture something like this…

This film introduces the younger, and I will say less hairy Bond, George Lazenby. This could be the most in Bond like name in the history of Bond like names but he hasn’t had an awkward kiss to speak of. Speaking of kisses, he just kissed Ms. Moneypenny!! I’ve been routing for her since “Dr.No” but I think this will be short lived. This Bond so far, doesn’t have the same way with the ladies as Connery did but maybe it’s because he wears shirts like this…

You think I’m kidding??

Boom 💥 goes the dynamite!! 

My movie companion or “Bud”, if I may be so bold…

(So many fucking points to you if you get the previous movie statement and/or the capital G! Gif above.)

…is Bud Ice. Not just any can of Bud Ice but a glass 40 oz bottle, and don’t you worry, a slight amount was poured out for my homies. Coming in at 5.5%, it is the usual ice flavor which in beer language means no fucking flavor to speak of. I will take no taste over bad taste any day of the week but I want to know I’m drinking beer, my only indication is the buzzed sensation I am currently experiencing. 

Bud Ice or no, there was a slight tell to the Bond before as the first actual line, after the water fight of course, was “This never happened to the other fellow.” I enjoyed this immensely even though for the most part, this was a somewhat watered down Bond, but there was Curling so how much can I actually complain. Also how many have a bobsled fight, a fucking bobsled fight?!

Donald Pleasence > Telly Savalas

For the first time in the series, and I’m a 1/4 of the way through, there is actually ice in the movie!!! Leave it to the one that has “ice” in the title, for it to be the one that shows ice for the first time. Ironic?! Maybe not as ironic as this though… 

In better and non ironic news is that the guitar theme is back and my beer is gone. An ice for an ice, I will take the service 10 times out of 10, even though this transitional Bond film was underwhelming and waaaaay to long for what it was.

Edit: I just watched James Bond get married and within minutes have her killed off. It’s about to get good folks. Cue Mr. Connery. 
This is a Beer-enity Now PSA announcement:

Drinking tasteless beer too early in the day along with an ever so healthy meal of Mac & Cheese and Hot Dogs may lead to drowsiness and extreme cuteness with a canine. 

*in rare cases take out your camera if the moment of cuteness lasts more than 4 minutes. 


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