Double Stone on the Prairie…

A bad ass gargoyle against a fat little kid with a backwards hat seems like an unfair match up, right? In the real world that would be a resounding “Yes”, but this is the not so average  world so rules do not apply… but in this case they actually do, but for different reasons all together.

Confused yet?!? Let me introduce the combatants…

Hailing from Escondido, California and weighing in at 8.5 ABV, is the somewhat beer snobby mantra of Stone Ruination 2.0. This gargoyle keeps evil spirits away but sure doesn’t take away flavor as the dry hopping and hop bursting brings out the glorious hoppy goodness. With Stone being a tough act to follow, Prairie really had to come in hops blazing but the (gär’goil) had other plans…

Artisan wasn’t going to take this lightly and coming from the good ole’ state of Oklahoma, they fought double for double. *Record Scratch* (Click this and it will all make sense.)

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you, this wasn’t even fucking close. I had such high hopes for Phantasmagoria especially with the artwork (I’m a sucker for good artwork/packaging) but the flippy flavors (yes, flippy flavors) just ended up being like Pine Sol. Pine Sol might be a bit harsh but a wise man once said “will all due respect”

And I’m sticking to it. This battle to the death was one sided but for the most part delicious, and I’ll take that all day and everyday. 

Back to the mischievous gargoyle happenings, it’s all just like pages in a book. (Or just an app I’m still trying to figure out… It still counts.) See you in Round 3…


10 thoughts on “Double Stone on the Prairie…

      1. I took the tour and got my free beer and was happy lol. Some of their stuff had me on my ass that kind named after the bacchus or god of wine or…anyway glad you like lol. Yay Delaware!

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      2. “Now were in…Delaware. Hi, I’m in Delaware…”
        fav movie ever! We get mentioned a lot tho…heard Delaware compared to an outdoor toilet on tv the other day…fair enough imo. Yay Wayne’s world!

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