And the Oscar goes to…

Quite a hard week here. The emotions overflowed like a levy breaking, while the physical toll besmirched all reality in its path. Disappointment came silent and left with the fire of a thousand suns…

(You have just read my overly dramatic and subpar grammatic explanation of these two beers just plain old sucking.)

Plus, I had to somehow get “besmirched” in this blog somehow, right meaning or not. 

Anyway, the two combatants this week were like losing your last life in the Nintendo classic, Paperboy, they didn’t deliver…

Coming in at slight low 8% ABV is Uinta Detour. I love Uinta, I really do, as seen in one of my first blog posts Salt Lake City, Uinta but this is a misstep. The smoothness was there but the hoppiness alas was not, but in the end it was able to take out its rival Raja…


No no no…

Avery Raja. In the weirdest explanation I can think of is that it’s a hop explosion but not in a good way. It’s like when you get really excited about something and then a fucking train runs you over. If you haven’t noticed I’m still going with the over dramatized shtick but this was sub par to say the least. This had more of a session feel to it than a DIPA, so I had to persevere and drink the whole thing. Poor me. 

Uinta had a plan and sliced through the competition if you know what I mean. 


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