Life and Let High. 

Here goes nothin. I honestly was dreading this beer most, and needless to say between this and already don’t like Roger Moore’s gun pose, this could be a long two hours.

The stage is set at the U.N and looks eerily familiar to the original Batman movie where the Penguin used Commodore Schmidlapp’s dehydrator invention to, you guessed it, de hydrate world leaders into dust?! Doesn’t it?!

Aaah High Life, we meet again. I’ve drank you and then I moved on to bigger and better things. That being said, I don’t know why I ever liked you and in this long planned meeting you find ways to disappoint me once again. 

In other news Dr. Quinn, yes medicine woman, is the love interest of the new and not improved Bond, Roger Moore. Spectre is gone and I’m actually not too sure who the enemy is, but there’s a lot of voodo and New Orleans happening so we’ll see. Wait a second, I found the enemy Mr. Big aka Mr Kananga who had this fucking weird looking rubber mask/disguise thing…

In my own world, plus wearing my VHS of Wayne’s World, this is always Mr. Big to me…

There is forty ounces of Miller High Life in me and Roger Moore’s “interesting” debut as Bond as just about in the books. Boat chases, Voodoo, horrific New-or-lee-ans accent mixed with the champagne of beers (whatever the fuck that means) summed up the evening. 

The genius of John Barry has been well documented but one thing that somewhat saved this movie was the music. Sir Paul McCartney and his band of Wings provided the theme and I was a-o-fucking-k with that. 


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