Swimming with Horses. 

This is shocking, especially to me, but I have never blogged hungover. The whole idea is weird to me as I’m thinking about beer while I don’t want to, but I also love beer and it is pretty much always on my mind. 

This should be interesting…

The sharks were circling their prey, going in for the kill, and for their efforts they got a horseshoe right to the dome piece. This might’ve been the closest battle yet but good luck came through, and it was Lakefront Brewing Hop Jockey crossing the finish line by a hop. I’m doing my best to put in the word “hop” for just about everything if you haven’t noticed, I need like a hop thesaurus…am I right?? Or is it a synonym?? 

Anyway, the shark in question…

No, not one of those sharks (Insert laughter here). The actual shark was Ballast Point Dorado. I was a little nervous going in due to the somewhat boozy nature of the Watermelon Dorado, but I was pleasantly surprised. Oh yeah, I just have to say this, double digit DIPA in the hoooouuussse, ok sorry it’s out of my system. In a weird way I like to describe it as hops galore but with something delicious to hide. 

Peek A Boo…

The jockeys of hops is weirdly like Watermelon Dorado but at the same time, not at is apparently the post that makes no sense so bare with me, it will hopefully be worth it. If I can say boldly I would ride this fucking horse any day of the week and I would name it Citra Central…done. (Citra is a Hop)

Needless to say this was a battle for the ages, and in the end was smooth as Carlos Santana but I need to concentrate on Westworld because this show is fucking confusing. 

Here’s some summer reading…


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