Got the heelch goin up, on a Monday…

So a blind pirate and a beer (bear & deer = beer) walk into a bar…

I typed in “waiting for punchline” and this came up

…and they drank quietly on a Monday night in Anderson Valley. The beer-enity now meaning of that statement is that these beers were simply just ok. 

Getting to the first Monday night beer* is ironically enough, Monday Night Brewing Blind Pirate. Despite the pretty cool name, which seems to be Night’s modus operandi, a somewhat dissapointing beer follows. This one reminded me of Uinta Detour from And the Oscar goes to… with its sub par taste with a super light hop flavor. 

Looks we’re back in the Bonanza days here with Anderson Valley…Bonanza?! 

Yes, the 60’s television show Bonanza starring Michael Landon…

You don’t know it?!?!


I know I’m old, 34 thank you, but Bonanza is an institution. An institution I tell you. 

The heelch of hops that is Anderson Valley is unfortunately not too much better. The short and skinny of it is that maybe the word “heelch” means not so hoppy in beer language. 

When beer is not up to snuff, I write less. Maybe that’s a good thing. 

* A Monday night beer is something I completely made up and is basically is a beer that is below average to average. 


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