Rousing the Alchemist…

We’ve arrived and it population: 4

A northeastern battle today is on tap and one of the battles I was most excited for, but I might be just be a wee bit partial. Weighing in at 8.4 ABV, with a Johhny Yuma*-esque disposition, is the Jamaica Plain resident Sam Adams Rebel Rouser. Coming in at 9% ABV, with a pretty hipster and elitist** disposition, is Crusher by the Alchemist. I love the Alchemist but you know it’s true. 

“I must crush you.” was on the mind of this Vermont resident…( yes, I know it’s I must break you, but for this situation we’re going with crush.)  The juice was flowing, literally and figuratively, and my gaze was solid with the pure beauty of the can that is Crusher. I call bullshit AND a big fat nope on this 9% business because this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to drink but who am I to complain. When you only have one, you try to savor but that doesn’t always go according to plan, like ever. I must add that this frothy goodness is still hoppy AF but smooth as Rick James…shit, that’s probably not the best analogy, ok maybe this guy…

Now that Al Green has smoothed things over (see what I did there) it is onto the rebel himself. He who rouses will ride like the tide…whoa, I just completely made that up but it worked right?!


Anyway, this is a great take on a West Coast*** DIPA with its almost earthy and resin type hop flavor. The welcomed bitterness starts the journey and once swallowed (get your mind out of the gutter) is pure bliss then the citrus and fruit sneak up on you, and finish out strong. This is an impression of the fruit sneaking up on you…

2 down…

2 to go…

* Johnny Yuma was a rebel. Look it up. 

** Lena Dunham like

*** The second best coast


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