Resin by 12.25

The word resin usually makes me cringe but at the same time makes me chuckle. I’ll give you a hint…

Comment if you know the movie quote. I believe in you

For this project, Resin might be my favorite word. Weighing in at 9.1% ABV, Sixpoint Resin is a super duper fucking smoother of a beer. If using smoother as a noun becomes a thing, you can say you heard it here first. 

You’re welcome. 

It’s really tough to even critique this beer in the slightest but hey, I have to be fair but seriously, this is tough. If I may be so bold, I would ask for just a teency weency more hops in this but I’m nitpicking. I’ve never actually picked a nit but it works fabulous in this instance. I’m also a sucker for cans,so I’m not too crazy about the thin and slim can. I’m weird and it bugs me that there really isn’t a koozie that fits these. Now on the next episode of Extreme Nitpicking…

Spoiler Alert: I had this next beer past the enjoy by 12.25 date. 

I can hear my absolutely beautiful girlfriend Shannon say “hashtag judged” but to save my blunder, I had it a couple times before the date so I got that shit on lock. My favorite Stone,this is not, but weighing in at 9.4% ABV this is still an ass kicker in its own right. To clarify…

Clarify? (Sorry, inside joke)

This was the Virginia Brewery Prototype version so the regular could be way different. The high ABV percentage really did come through which I’m not a fan of, but I’m the one drinking a 9% so fuck me right?! The Enjoy By 7.4 was a masterpiece so I had high expectations and sometimes things don’t work. 

This is the last true battle before the end all be all fight for the crown of #dipadecember champion. Stay tuned…

Or Stay Brewed might be a better wording. You’re not really tuning in though, you’re reading this (hopefully) so maybe something else is better. 

I’ll get back to you. 


3 thoughts on “Resin by 12.25

  1. Hah! Great one. I looked up the quote so I got it all:

    “Try an association. Like uh… let’s say the average person uses 10% of their brain. How much do you use? One and a half percent. The rest is clogged with malted hops and bong resin.”

    Hope that’s the one you’re thinking. Cheers

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