I just made beer…kind of. 

For all you beer snobs (more on that later), it’s a Mr.Beer product that you can buy at Best Buy, it still counts. Not to mention my lovely lady Shannon got it for me and I think it’s glorious

This baby right here will hold about two gallons of, hopefully, delicious beer in an undisclosed time frame. The instructions were somewhat confusing and stupid so the timetable is, as Dr. Van Nostrand would say, indeterminate.

Wish me luck that I did it right…and here’s some obligatory pictures of the process.

(Disclaimer: As a kid I once screwed up Easy Mac. True Story)

8 thoughts on “I just made beer…kind of. 

  1. Ah, this takes me back. I had one of these but sadly ran out of time and space to stick with it. Got pretty creative with small batches once I got the hang of the system (note: creative does always equal successful). I did end up with a pretty good Red IPA recipe tweaking the Northern Brewer West Coast Radical Red kit though. Have fun!

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