Americas Next Top Bottle?…

It’s 2017 and art, fashion, and style are infiltrating just about every “medium” there is…

(See what I did there? Fashion…Medium…get it?!)

…and beer is now no exception. The art on these craft beer cans/bottles has upped the ante in making certain brews more sought after just because of the amazing art on them. This isn’t just a slap on a logo type deal, these breweries take their time and make the labels so eye catching that you (or maybe just I) just have to stop and say, “I must have you, you’re coming with me.” (As I read that back, it’s a little on the creepy side but you see what I’m getting at…I hope.) Cans and bottles are cool but what if you still want to make a statement on an 80 degree January day and you need to keep your beer cold but don’t want these bad boys?…

Well, a very smart man out of St.Louis came up with a sexy alternative that was inspired by the craft beer artwork that also works insanely better. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Bomber Jackets. Started in 2015 (MMXV), Alexander Nicolazzi was drinking a 22oz bomber of 4 Hands Brewing “Volume 3”. As the beer was getting warm he pondered, drank, pondered, drank some more, pondered some more, and thought…

Not really, but he did know there was a way to #saynotowarmbeer and the B-22 was born.  When I saw them on a random Instagram session, I had to look into it. I’m all about keeping my beers cold and loved the artwork and the detail of these Bomber Jackets, I mean, they have a fucking zipper for crying out loud, I was hooked. Not only are there bomber sized but there are tall can size (C-16) which is great for all the amazing artful craft beer you can enjoy. Even better, you can look at cleavage!!!…

Yes, cleavage but not of the beautiful female persuasion, but the bottle and can variety…

                        Just clap your hands. 

I know you all loved #dipadecember (fingers crossed) so with great pleasure I introduce to you, late as it may be, #jacketjanuary. I will be drinking some great beer in these genius vessels, while showing some of the crazy modern style that, I think, is the future. More styles and different size beverages will be accommodated such as B-12, C-32, and B-750. (Twelve ounce, crowler size, and 750ml size respectively.)  All the information you need is right here:


Art, style, AND beer?!?!? Where do I sign up?? I just told you where to sign up… or order, in this case… so no excuse! You won’t be disappointed, and there can be plenty of not warm beer and cleavage for all. 

For realzy. 


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