Craft can be Crap…




                                Yep, it’s true. 

For all the #craftnotcrap hashtags, why is it out of the realm of possibility that craft beer can sometimes not be good. All beer snobbery aside (you know my stance on that) just because it’s craft, doesn’t mean it’s good. I’ve had my fair share of craft beer that was pretty gross and would never indulge in again. You can’t win them all but at the same time to think just because it’s craft it’s good, and at the same token think just because it’s macro, it’s bad is straight up…

Have you ever had a bad craft beer? I know you have and it’s ok to admit because sometimes beers don’t always work. Whether it’s the microest of brews or the macro mecca, don’t judge a beer by its label. 

Just taste it goddamnit. 



35 thoughts on “Craft can be Crap…

  1. I’m not sure if I had a bad craft beer (if I did, it was an IPA?), though I found a rather hoppy local craft cider I didn’t like…tasted too much like beer and not enough like cider. This isn’t inherently an issue (I will gladly drink beer), but I couldn’t even taste the apples until I had a slice of Boston Cream pie! Mind you, I have had some excellent hops ciders.

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  2. I agree that there are some bad craft beers. In fact, just the other day I had one that almost tasted metallic… yuck! But as far as macros go, I just can’t get into them. I used to be able to drink them, but now that my pallette has been more refined by craft beer, macro beers taste watered down to me. For me at least, it has become very hard to ever go back to a Bud, Miller, or Coors type beer.

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  3. Here in Scotland we’re going through a bit of craft beer revolution. A lot of them are really good (ever heard of St. Mungo’s or Brew Dog?) but quite a lot of the time people tend to overstate how good they are in order to impress their friends though. One of these is called Innis and Gunn, the stuff makes me want to vomit haha.

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  4. I’ve just nicely messaged my local pub asking if they are going to put on the Punk IPA back on because they have taken it off. Also, suggested other craft beers too. Love craft beer so I hope they do. Was very nice about it but dismayed to see it missing. Cheers 🍻

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  5. We love to visit breweries and I’ll admit it’s as much for the atmosphere as for the beer. We usually get samples of all their beers on tap if possible and rarely do we like them all. Some are just not to our particular tastes, but some are just bad beers. I drink and enjoy “craft” beers from the big boys too. One thing I can say is they are consistent and readily accessible to almost everyone. Not everyone has a local craft brewery within visiting distance and that’s why there is a place for them all. It’s a huge industry that I love and there’s room for everyone!

    I love this post, it makes you think and can be controversial which always stirs up conversation! We blog about our brewery visits and other adventures if you or anyone else would like to check us out. Have a great week!


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  6. I have definitly had some bad craft beers in my time writing a blog in the last 4+ Years. But I would have to say that while there are some bad or even terrible craft beer I am still waiting on my first good macro.

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  7. I would certainly agree! I’m all about craft beer, but I’ve had my fair share of brews that weren’t quite right. Not counting a few batches I’ve had to dump due to various circumstances, I’d say the worst is when you get to a bar or various location and the beer they have on tap is ruined.

    I’ve tasted soapy, ruined craft beer. It’s a sad occasion.

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  8. The one beer that I can honestly say that I didn’t like (And I like just about ALL craft beer) was the jalapeno lime lager/ale that I tried one time at a small town beer and wine tasting. God, did suck. Who told those knuckleheads that jalapeno would work in beer?!!! YUCK!!!

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  9. Couldn’t agree more. Just because it’s not a “macro beer” doesn’t mean it’s going to automatically be good. I’ve had plenty of bad craft beers, and in fact the worst beer I’ve ever had was 100% craft. That being said, the best beers I’ve ever had were 100% craft too. There is an incredibly large amount of craft beer to choose from, so they won’t all be winners. Trust your taste buds!

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