Shit is hot up in the 6 right now…

WrestleMania 6, that is… or WrestleMania VI if you’re fancy. 

The Mega Powers exploding was one thing but this…




Only a main event that WrestleMania could bring. 

Hogan, for the umpteenth time, is reprising his role in the main event but not to be outdone is the Ultimate Warrior!! Not only was this the first time two baby faces were pitted against each other but both the Intercontinental AND the WWF Championship were on the line. Yep, you guessed it…


Also for the first time, the event was held north of the border in Toronto. In hindsight, I probably should’ve picked a Canadian beer to drink, but that would just make too much sense now wouldn’t it? Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was my first real soirée into the craft world back in the day, so I hold a somewhat special place in my heart for this one. My only gripe is that there isn’t the word “India” before Pale Ale because I love me some IPA’s. It’s the dot that makes it hot. I need to set the record straight here: Pale Ales are absolutely not India Pale Ales. I feel like this point gets lost, but for realzy, they’re not the same. 

Moving on to the championship duel at hand, they start out with some shoves on both sides of the coin, and gaining position is crucial. After trading bodyslams, the warrior gets the upper hand…


And it looks like Hogan is injured!! Hogan really favoring his knee but the Ultimate Warrior isn’t shedding any tears. (And Warriors make up is just about sweated off…)

Sweated?? This doesn’t sound right but I’m riding this wave home. 

Hulk trying to wear out the Warrior is easier said than done and what??!!…

Warrior is impervious to blows, one punch…two punches…the Warrior feels nothing!! Hogan, believe it or not, is begging for mercy and the Warrior isn’t obliging. On another note, this Sierra Nevada is pretty tasty, I’ve lost some faith in the recent years with their new options, but this is always a go to in my book.  The bear hug is on and the count to three… WILL NOT HAPPEN!! Hulk on the offensive, Warrior ducks and the referee is down folks!!! The shit has hit the proverbial fan as they say and in the great words of Gorilla Monsoon, “these guys are pulling out all the stops.” Warrior tries to finish him with the press slam but no dice as Hogan is fucking hulking up, AGAIN, but wait— He missed the leg drop??!! Warrior goes off the ropes with a big splash and 1..2..3!!! The 6 (Drake Toronto speak) is going bananas while a new WWF Champion is crowned. 

This was a supposed “passing of the torch” type of match, but that’s another WrestleMania (and another beer) for a later time. 

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