Jekyll and hyde the juice.


Disclaimer: This “juice bomb” trend is really getting out of control. They taste fucking delicious, i would never say they don’t, but it’s beer people…beer.  It’s not even the fault of the brewers themselves, but the juice lovers have it in their head that if beer doesn’t taste like juice, then it sucks or it’s a “malt bomb”. Man up and broaden your horizons.

Having said that, this post is actually about some southern attempts at the NE style IPA, so go figure.  The beer scene is quite different this side of the Mason/Dixie line as their isn’t many frequent releases to line up for or having to pay $20 for a four pack of 16oz cans, which I totally look at as a perk. The local breweries I frequent such as River Dog and Southern Barrel do have a rotating wide variety on draft but not much in the cans department so a couple pints and a to go growler it is.  The NE style IPA. or the aforementioned juice bombs, are slowly but surely making their way down the coast.turtle

Case in point is Jekyll Brewing of Alpharetta Georgia, with all around solid brews, they have a couple takes on the haze craze (more bitching about that later).  Not really advertised as an NE IPA, because frankly it isn’t one, but that’s what i tasted so I’m counting it.

So there.

Hoot’n & Holler’n (can’t get more southern than that) is a DIPA that as smooth as the day is long. The more I read about it, I heard it had more of a malt character, but I got a lot of similar characteristics to the always delicious, and expensive, Trillium and Treehouse. As some of you are reading this, I’m sure you are shouting “blasphemy!” or “did he just compare other beers to Trillium AND Treehouse, how dare he!”, but that’s my story and I’m stickin to it. Even at 94 IBU’s and 8.8% ABV I was mesmerized by the balance of flavors and it really went down, well…

like juice.

(Shit! I told myself I wasn’t going to say that!)

(Maybe they didn’t see it?)

***Who said that??***

Sorry for the interruption folks, they won’t stop talking sometimes. Getting back to the task at hand, the next brew is (and I’m not making this up) called Southern Juice.  This being directly inspired by the NE (New England/Northeast) style didn’t really hit me over the head as much with juice, as I was expecting from the name.  Still delicious in its own right with a run of the mill 6.3% ABV, the color, haze, and look was there but I was missing something.  When something is in the juicy style and then calls itself juice in the name of said beer, i was expecting a little bit more. Maybe if I just tasted without reading the label I would’ve been pleasantly surprised, as I was with H&H, not expecting the taste of my former home (Massholes stand up!).

Whether the juice is loose or the malt bomb is ticking, I love IPA’s for what they are.

Damn good beer.








I love Gold!! But not Natty Ice…

I don’t know if it’s just me or does every time you say Natty Light, people assume that you mean Natty Ice?? I’ll be the first to correct someone but tonight they are right on the money I’m afraid. On the bright side before the opening credits a dude already got electrocuted in a tub ,after more akward kissing with a double crossing dame. As a music nerd I have to say that the composer, John Barry, who wrote these theme songs is a pure genius. Respect…

They just said OO8 and it sounded so awkward, which distracted me from this ice bath I’m drinking. Natty Ice is just what you would expect, imagine Natty Light with ice in it and voila, you have the ugly stepsister of the Natty family. The weird thing is that this beer, dare I say, isn’t completely horrific but it just doesn’t taste like anything. They could really really grow their market by selling…

“Natty Seltzer Water” or something like…

“Natty Diet Seltzer Water”- It really isn’t beer, I promise- I mean who would drink beer like this. Am I right?!?!

Pussy Galore just came into the fray and apparently she’s a great pilot, who knew. With this new knowledge and maybe the most in your face pun character name in cinematic history, I am going for a bonus beer!!!??!!

Yes, the self proclaimed king is here, Bud Heavy, and he’s ready for a good time. Don’t judge but this is pretty much because this is the only other beer I have in the house and I drank Icehouse two nights ago so as weird as it sounds, it’s an upgrade. In a completely unrelated story, I was in California on tour and ordered a Bud Heavy and after being looked at like I had nine heads, I realized that is a simply regional phrase. (Northeast stand up!). 

With the first trilogy of these Bond films over I have some fortunate and some unfortunate news. The good news is that I have tens upon tens of Bond films left but that means more bottom of the barrel beer to stomach.  Never did I think I would be seeking out gas station beer but trying to find so many more is a challenge and you know how I deal with challenges…

From Icehouse to Rockdale Light these beers will be the back drop of the international man of mystery for many movies to come and this is only the beginning. More on the unfortunate front, not really for me, is that if you just hit Mr. Bond in the back, your golden, he just wilts but he survives. I can only hope my liver will as well. Until next time…

Same Bat Time…

Same Bat Chan- shit, wrong 60’s reference. It’s the ice talking. 

Man Bun Season is Upon Us…

What does this have to be with beer you ask?..

Many moons ago, actually let’s just call it December 2015, I went on a quest to find man buns in the wild. I scoured the land, let’s just call it Jacksonville, for the bun attached to the man with great success. I had to document my findings and by that I mean post to Facebook. 

(I know I’m using fancy schmancy language, try to keep up)

The time has come to hunt the illusive man bun again but in a different world altogether, Atlanta, Georgia. This is my where my second magical journey will begin as this is a two day trek at the Music Midtown Music Festival. 

I know, I know, I still haven’t said why this has to do with beer. It’s pretty simple, I get drunk on $9 brews and feature them in my documentation of said man buns. 

You have been warned…