I’m a masochist. 

Kind of. 

I’m about to re embark on an 1,100 page journey that is…

Well maybe not that exact IT but I’m sure you’re picking up what I’m putting down. 

I was doing adult things and listening to a podcast in which a gentleman reads every Stephen King book in chronological order and does a weekly review. After his three part IT review, I got all the feels and knew I had to read IT again. The book IT, not the lovely two letter pronoun, they’ve been getting confused for years. Wouldn’t that suck?!, to be a lovely little pronoun and always have people think you’re a maniacal killer clown that eats children, but I digress. 

I can be a bit lackadaisical in my reading but I have set an end date and that is that. How’d I come up with this end date???

Beer, of course. 

Doesn’t beer solve every problem??

Long. Ass. Book. 

I sometimes make decisions that I look back on and think, “Why the fuck did I do that?”

As I’m on page 1213 of 1320 of Stephen King’s The Stand, I daily echo my own previous sentiment. This will be the longest book I’ve read to date and I’ll be pretty pumped to finish it. Once it’s done I’ll do a big “Yippee!!” and I’ll be on to the next Nicholas Sparks masterpiece, but I have to say, there’s nothing like a book and a beer…or two…

Or 3…

But who’s counting.



Right from the pages of an app made comic from someone who really isnt into comics, is the first action packed edition of #dipadecember. 

The two combatants are just a hop (get it??) skip and a jump away from a battle for the ages. Needless to say, I had to intervene in the proceedings, and drink them both before a complete cataclysmic event…

(side thought: Cataclysmic might just be the coolest word in the English language.)

Before I knew it, the hops were flying and there was malt and shrapnel everywhere. Three Taverns “Hoplicity” came out with gusto and its smooth as shit malt flavor, and stumbled back “Slippery Slope”. A strong citrus hop character from Slope brought ‘Plicity to its knees…


Book and a beer? Pipe and a crèpe?

If you haven’t noticed, I like to do things in a not so average way, but sometimes you just say fuck it and do things well, average. 

That long ass segue leads me to my next beer pairing that is as old as time itself, books and beer. I have to say that there is few better feelings than reading a great book while sipping on some frothy goodness. I present to you, ladies and gentleman of the jury, exhibit A 

Apparently this is the first book of about 10,000 in the Jack Reacher series and I couldn’t be happier.