What’s in your breakfast??

Adulting AF. 


Everybody’s Working for the Beerkend

This might be pretty much every weekend but this weekend in particular is a real doozy. Friday, my favorite local brewery River Dog (that I’ve referenced in “River Dog is also Man’s Best Friend“) is having a tap tap tapa-roo takeover at one of my favorite craft spots, Fat Patties. Along with the River Dog deliciousness will be the newly tapped Bells Hopslam, after that lineup will either be the voices in my head or Uber calling my name. 

Saturday nights alright for fighting as well as heading up to Charleston, a burgeoning craft beer destination. After a lovely lunch with my gal and her parents we will magically whisk ourselves to Westbrook Brewing Company, which is a personal favorite of ours. From strong solid ass stouts to some of the greatest goses these lips have ever enjoyed, this a must stop. With breweries popping up everywhere our possibilities are endless and we’ll surely take our time and enjoy all the frothy goodness. This is just the warm up…

Warm up?!?!

Yep, you heard me right. That will be the warmup to Sunday where a little game will commence at about sixish. The motha flippin Super Bowl is upon us and my Pats are vying for their 5th title in their last fifteen years. This will be an interesting year as I’m in so called “Falcons Country” and I’m the self proclaimed ECW of Patriots fans. 

(For all you non wrestling nerds, ECW was hardcore wrestling, so I basically took the long and confusing way of calling myself a hardcore fan.)

Not only will I be watching it on a 16 foot video screen, surrounded by Patriots haters, but for $50 it’s all you can eat and drink. Oh lordy…

It’s safe to say I’m fucking pumped for this weekend…

My liver?…

Not so much. 

We got two words for ya…

Literally two words and two is actually one of the words!

(Drum roll)

Two Claw. 

Also another two words or more specifically, one word and an initialism…

Rye IPA. 

I’m currently enjoying Westbrook Two Claw. 


Keeping with the theme I have two more words for ya…


You say lamb and tuna fish, I say music and beer…

Part 2 of my continuing series of putting my two loves together is a fun one today. I’m headed off to try some delectable brews from Frothy Beard Brewing Company in Charleston. They have quite the roster and just for the name alone, I love this place already. 

A review and some punny* stories sure to come. 

*see what I did there, took the fun out of funny and put in pun instead. Cause I like puns, get it, get it?!

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