Pliny the…Overrated?

Before you get your panties in a wad, I really did like this beer…

As in like, like…

Like going steady, asking it to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance kind of like. 


When you’ve been pursuing and pining over something for so long, it can take on a life of its own, and the legend grows and grows. Once you get your hands on it, you’re expecting that legend to take a hold of you and whisk you away on a magical journey of dreams and delight. This was my hope as I took my first big sip. I sipped, I pondered, and then…

It was…just good. Don’t get me wrong, it was smooth, hoppy, and all around well balanced but it was just, if I dare to say it again, good. I didn’t want to be disappointed and felt bad that I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would’ve. Is that wrong? I asked myself, “should I like this more??”. I basically chalked it up to having dozens and dozens of different DIPA’s over the years that could be very comparable and/or better than Pliny. I had to get it in my head that this was basically the double IPA that started it all, and that all the DIPA’s I happen to enjoy more are a subtle variation of this very brew. 

In conclusion, I’m very elated that I tasted the nectar that is Pliny the Elder and can cross it off on my beer bucket list, or something I just made up, my “beer”cket list. The thing is, we’ve gone on our first date and it was great and fun, but it just wasn’t as good as I was hoping or thought it would be. This is where I leave you, don’t be upset, there’s somebody special out there waiting for you, but I’m not that person. 


It’s not you, it’s me. 


Caught in between an X and New York City

I’ve been known to break from tradition a time or two, and this is sure one of those times. WrestleMania X was at its original location in New York City buuuuut repeated the same main event from the year prior. I refuse to have to review another Yokozuna match so I picked the real main event of this sub par card with good reason. For the first time in history, a ladder match was displayed and just as Paul Rudd did in Halloween 6, they stole the show. 

Keeping with history, I’m currently enjoying my first DIPA from Trillium Brewing Company. This one holds another sweet spot for me as they hail from my home state of Massachusetts. My good friends Kyle & Mike sent me this gem to cure my homesickness (totally a word) and I can’t thank them enough. Dialed in (with chardonnay and gewürztraminer juice) is glorious in its execution, even though I couldn’t tell you what the fuck gewürztraminer juice is. This 8.5% beauty is smooth as can be and with just the right amount of hoppy goodness. 

…and now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Diesel, the muscle for Shawn Michaels, has just been thrown out as his alleged interference was too much for the referee. With the sides even now, Razor Ramon takes matters into his own hands and reveals the concrete floor with dastardly intentions. As per usual in wrestling this would be used against him as he’s thrown over the top rope with a sickening thud. The ladder is now in play as Michaels climbs to the top, but Razor is stirring and in desperation he exposes the buttocks of Michaels to get him down. 

(You know you laughed at “buttocks”, always a good laugh.)

Anything is legal in this matchup as Hickenbottom (oops. Fun fact is that Shawn Michaels real name is Michael Hickenbottom) is using the ladder as a weapon and pummeling the back of Ramon. Razor then returns the favor with a slingshot that sends Michaels face first in the ladder. This match was historic due to the non violence aka PG version of wrestling at the time and this showed a shift in the industry. The battle for the undisputed Intercontinental Championship was on as both men were battling from the top of the ladder, resulting in Michaels being hip tossed from the top!!! Ooooh the humanity!! The innovation of Shawn was showcased beautifully as the ladder was used in every situation possible. 

Michaels goes up, Razor is stirring and shoulder checks the ladder and the heartbreak kid gets tangled in the ropes. The chance is there!!! Razor goes up as Michaels untangles himself only to get his arm ensconced in the ropes. Razor is up, Razor is at the top of the ladder, Razor gets the belts!!! Aaaannnnddd NEEEEWWW Undisputed Intercontinental Champion!!!!

History has been made in more ways than one and I’m still thirsty. 

It is Sunday Funday. What’s better than beer and wrestling?…

Beer and more beer of course. What are you drinking today?

Lets get ready to…


It went 12 rounds and needed a judges decision for this epic confrontation. Like out of the pages of a comic book, the action took place everywhere you could imagine, even unimaginable places such as:

  1. My couch
  2. My bed
  3. Dining room
  4. Other side of my couch
  5. Other side of my bed
  6. My dog Henry’s crate

Hahahaha. Just seeing if you were paying attention but you get my point, I hope.

I thinked and thanked, as I drinked and dranked (my best Dr.Seuss impression) and I came to an outcome. A very Hazy outcome you could say (wink wink) and so it was done.

The winner and new #dipadecember champion of the world…


              *is killing you*


Congrats to all the participants and I cordially invite you to try again next year. Seriously though, please try again. You can try tomorrow if you want, I need more beer anyway.

Resin by 12.25

The word resin usually makes me cringe but at the same time makes me chuckle. I’ll give you a hint…

Comment if you know the movie quote. I believe in you

For this project, Resin might be my favorite word. Weighing in at 9.1% ABV, Sixpoint Resin is a super duper fucking smoother of a beer. If using smoother as a noun becomes a thing, you can say you heard it here first. 

You’re welcome. 

It’s really tough to even critique this beer in the slightest but hey, I have to be fair but seriously, this is tough. If I may be so bold, I would ask for just a teency weency more hops in this but I’m nitpicking. I’ve never actually picked a nit but it works fabulous in this instance. I’m also a sucker for cans,so I’m not too crazy about the thin and slim can. I’m weird and it bugs me that there really isn’t a koozie that fits these. Now on the next episode of Extreme Nitpicking…

Spoiler Alert: I had this next beer past the enjoy by 12.25 date. 

I can hear my absolutely beautiful girlfriend Shannon say “hashtag judged” but to save my blunder, I had it a couple times before the date so I got that shit on lock. My favorite Stone,this is not, but weighing in at 9.4% ABV this is still an ass kicker in its own right. To clarify…

Clarify? (Sorry, inside joke)

This was the Virginia Brewery Prototype version so the regular could be way different. The high ABV percentage really did come through which I’m not a fan of, but I’m the one drinking a 9% so fuck me right?! The Enjoy By 7.4 was a masterpiece so I had high expectations and sometimes things don’t work. 

This is the last true battle before the end all be all fight for the crown of #dipadecember champion. Stay tuned…

Or Stay Brewed might be a better wording. You’re not really tuning in though, you’re reading this (hopefully) so maybe something else is better. 

I’ll get back to you. 

Rousing the Alchemist…

We’ve arrived and it population: 4

A northeastern battle today is on tap and one of the battles I was most excited for, but I might be just be a wee bit partial. Weighing in at 8.4 ABV, with a Johhny Yuma*-esque disposition, is the Jamaica Plain resident Sam Adams Rebel Rouser. Coming in at 9% ABV, with a pretty hipster and elitist** disposition, is Crusher by the Alchemist. I love the Alchemist but you know it’s true. 

“I must crush you.” was on the mind of this Vermont resident…( yes, I know it’s I must break you, but for this situation we’re going with crush.)  The juice was flowing, literally and figuratively, and my gaze was solid with the pure beauty of the can that is Crusher. I call bullshit AND a big fat nope on this 9% business because this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to drink but who am I to complain. When you only have one, you try to savor but that doesn’t always go according to plan, like ever. I must add that this frothy goodness is still hoppy AF but smooth as Rick James…shit, that’s probably not the best analogy, ok maybe this guy…

Now that Al Green has smoothed things over (see what I did there) it is onto the rebel himself. He who rouses will ride like the tide…whoa, I just completely made that up but it worked right?!


Anyway, this is a great take on a West Coast*** DIPA with its almost earthy and resin type hop flavor. The welcomed bitterness starts the journey and once swallowed (get your mind out of the gutter) is pure bliss then the citrus and fruit sneak up on you, and finish out strong. This is an impression of the fruit sneaking up on you…

2 down…

2 to go…

* Johnny Yuma was a rebel. Look it up. 

** Lena Dunham like

*** The second best coast

Got the heelch goin up, on a Monday…

So a blind pirate and a beer (bear & deer = beer) walk into a bar…

I typed in “waiting for punchline” and this came up

…and they drank quietly on a Monday night in Anderson Valley. The beer-enity now meaning of that statement is that these beers were simply just ok. 

Getting to the first Monday night beer* is ironically enough, Monday Night Brewing Blind Pirate. Despite the pretty cool name, which seems to be Night’s modus operandi, a somewhat dissapointing beer follows. This one reminded me of Uinta Detour from And the Oscar goes to… with its sub par taste with a super light hop flavor. 

Looks we’re back in the Bonanza days here with Anderson Valley…Bonanza?! 

Yes, the 60’s television show Bonanza starring Michael Landon…

You don’t know it?!?!


I know I’m old, 34 thank you, but Bonanza is an institution. An institution I tell you. 

The heelch of hops that is Anderson Valley is unfortunately not too much better. The short and skinny of it is that maybe the word “heelch” means not so hoppy in beer language. 

When beer is not up to snuff, I write less. Maybe that’s a good thing. 

* A Monday night beer is something I completely made up and is basically is a beer that is below average to average.