8760 Hours…

…or in layman’s terms, 365 days of Beer-Enity Now! 

I started this shindig with Lord, Beer Me Strength and ended up doing a twofer, following up with I Ran Away from a Bee. Hundreds of beers later and attempted comedy galore, I’ve never been more inspired to take this to the next level. From #beersandbond, #dipadecember, to the upcoming #ipapril, and everything in between, this is only the beginning. 

Cheers to many more years of listening to me yack on and maybe sometimes completely disagreeing with my opinion. This is to celebrate beer and all it’s pleasantries, whether craft or macro, it all has a place in my world. 

I’ve found out one thing in particular while doing this and I will pass this on to you now and forever, listen close…

Beer Snobs are so fucking touchy. 


How Beer Saved My World…

…In a manner of speaking… I’m watching “How Beer Saved the World” and it just sounded right. As we all know (or maybe you don’t & now I’m slightly judging you), beer is comprised of just four ingredients and it was first made…

BY ACCIDENT?!?!              


You bet your sweet aspercreme. Barley seeds in vessels left outside, add rain water, and boom!!…Beer motherfucker. Basically the first primitive humans got tipsy, loved it, started harvesting barley which led to the start of farming, irrigation, and basically everything we know today. Pyramid workers were paid in beer so without this discovery there would be no “Egypt” either. Maybe not 100% true, but it sounded good in my head. 

Pond water is gross, or maybe it isn’t (very much judging you), but in the middle ages they didn’t have much to choose from. They discovered that while making beer, boiling the water made the water drinkable. Folks being none the wiser thought it was the beer alone that made it drinkable, and they then proceeded to drink it by the gallon. My home area of New England was actually founded because a ship traveling from London to Virginia ran out of beer. 

The Sons of Liberty, who were half in the bag I might add, caused the revolution. A song that once was a way to test sobriety, after some lyric changes, became our national anthem. You just can’t make this shit up. 

From refrigeration to modern language to modern medicine and everything in between, the world as we fucking know it pretty much exists because of beer. That’s all beer– before there was craft beer (gasp! Keep it in your pants beer snobs) there was just plain old glorious frothy goodness. 

*Insert Cheesy Beer Line Here* 


“That sure is the kind of history I like to read about.”

“Oh man, that history sounds delicious.” 

Etc. etc. Just read those picturing this guy.