Power Couple. 

Adulting AF. 



I’m now officially at 900 unique beers on Untappd and it is now my quest for 1,000 uniques. I was with my lady for her 1,000th and I want to have that same feeling. Rather than bogging you down with a post every fucking time I have a new beer, which would be exhausting for me and you, take a peep and follow me on Instagram page at beerenity_now. I will be showcasing each beer as I get closer and closer to my quest, so come along with me on my journey for 1,000. Buckle the fuck up…
You know you want to…

Lost Love sounds like Jingle All the Way. 

I’ve found her and I’ll never let her go. 

Well I guess when the the six pack is gone, she’ll be out of my life but the short time we have together will be bliss. 

 Want to know what the best part is?! Her favorite Christmas movie is also mine and we share an affinity for Elvis Christmas on vinyl. 

Till drink do us part…

If you’re new to this blog then you won’t really know my obsession for this particular beer, but read White House with Blue Shutters and it will all be answered. 

Obligatory Hoppy Thanksgiving Post…

I could come up with a deep and very wordy explanation of this year and why it has been one of the best years of my life but who wants to read all that. I can sum it up in one…


Also, here’s couple pictures of my dogs because they’re adorable, and beer. Always beer. 

Happy Thanksgiving.