Obligatory Hoppy Valentine’s Day Post. 

What’s in your stomach??


Parsley, Sage, Rosemary’s Baby, and Thyme…

While I drink this black on black on black Southern Barrel Frozen Barrel, an imperial milk stout, I realize one thing…

Rosemary’s Baby is fucking awesome. 

I promise. 

We got two words for ya…

Literally two words and two is actually one of the words!

(Drum roll)

Two Claw. 

Also another two words or more specifically, one word and an initialism…

Rye IPA. 

I’m currently enjoying Westbrook Two Claw. 


Keeping with the theme I have two more words for ya…


Give me charity or give me beer?!

Or something like that. 

Within the last few years I’ve made it a point to buy for Toys for Tots every year and couldn’t be more excited than doing it again this year…

Why you ask?

(Even if you’re not asking, just go with it)

Well, because this year there is a drop off at my favorite Lowcountry brewery River Dog. I can give to the less fortunate children AND have an amazing beer at the same place?!?!

Drop offs could be anywhere so keep an eye out and hey, your local drop off just may be at your favorite watering hole. Does it get any better?? Here is a link for you to find out where your nearest location is…

PS. I’m giving myself the title of “Kick Ass Toys for Tots Gift Giver”

Talk Yeti to Me

I’ve learned quite a lot since I’ve come down to South Carolina…

1. Nobody can drive. I work in Georgia and I dare say it’s worse. Yikes. 

2. People carry guns out in public without thinking it’s weird at all. Again, more of a Georgia thing. 

3. The couple that Yeti’s together, stays together.