There will be Beer. 

#IPApril has been dank…

I couldn’t be hoppier trying any and all of the Pale Ales from India I can get my hands on…

I feel like my puns have been lacking lately, so there’s a couple for ya. 

13 days, 16 different IPA’s later, marks the inevitable ending of two magical quests I have embarked on. 

What quests you ask??

Well I thought you would never ask but they are my #questfor1000 unique beers on the fabulous application untappd and maybe even more important…

The quest that, as we speak, is making its way across this great nation by airways, but to dramatize the situation, I’ll go with magical and majestic steeds. Trundling through the moats of yesteryear, or in this case we’ll call it Cleveland, or taking in the breathtaking mountain views of East Bumfuck, this journey will come to a delicious and satisfying end, in my mouth. 

(mind out of the gutter please)

That quest is Pliny the Elder, the originated and often imitated beginning of the double IPA. Along for the ride will be his trusty side kick, Blind Pig, which maybe just a single version of the Elder but has the hops of a champion. 

(If you were reading that description and then pictured a beer riding a horse, then my work here is done.)

Two hard fought journeys of valor will enter my personal record books, and beer bucket list at the same moment and it will be bliss…

Oh yes, there will be bliss. 


Man Bun Season is Upon Us…

What does this have to be with beer you ask?..

Many moons ago, actually let’s just call it December 2015, I went on a quest to find man buns in the wild. I scoured the land, let’s just call it Jacksonville, for the bun attached to the man with great success. I had to document my findings and by that I mean post to Facebook. 

(I know I’m using fancy schmancy language, try to keep up)

The time has come to hunt the illusive man bun again but in a different world altogether, Atlanta, Georgia. This is my where my second magical journey will begin as this is a two day trek at the Music Midtown Music Festival. 

I know, I know, I still haven’t said why this has to do with beer. It’s pretty simple, I get drunk on $9 brews and feature them in my documentation of said man buns. 

You have been warned…

You say lamb and tuna fish, I say music and beer…

Part 2 of my continuing series of putting my two loves together is a fun one today. I’m headed off to try some delectable brews from Frothy Beard Brewing Company in Charleston. They have quite the roster and just for the name alone, I love this place already. 

A review and some punny* stories sure to come. 

*see what I did there, took the fun out of funny and put in pun instead. Cause I like puns, get it, get it?!

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