The Beers have Eyez. 

Quite the day here at Beer-enity Now, I have the pleasure of writing the first installment of #jacketjanuary and I got my Brewster Club Box!! Brewster Club is a new craft beer take on the Beer of the Month club. Every month you get 10-12 different craft brews from around the country to enjoy from all different breweries. Alas, there was a hiccup in the shipping department and I only got one of my boxes. (I ordered 2 so I had one for me and a late Christmas gift for my gal that’s better than your gal.) The customer service was amazing, as they apologized profusely about the delay, which of course wasn’t their fault. I now have both in my possession and all is well in the world. 

The Woven Eyez C-16 is where I will start my jacket journey. What is the Woven Eyez C-16 you ask?? Well St Louis’ own Peat Wollaeger aka Eyez, designed this beauty among many others. His signature eyes really bring out the design and makes it quite eye catching, am I right?! What I am currently enjoying or at least trying to enjoy, is Upside Down Blonde by Flat 12 Bierwerks. I figured just by the spelling alone, this would be a home run, but unfortunately was more like a bases loaded strikeout. Taste was no where to be found but luckily for me, it looked pretty fucking cool as I was drinking it…

Thank you Bomber Jackets. 

I just made beer…kind of. 

For all you beer snobs (more on that later), it’s a Mr.Beer product that you can buy at Best Buy, it still counts. Not to mention my lovely lady Shannon got it for me and I think it’s glorious

This baby right here will hold about two gallons of, hopefully, delicious beer in an undisclosed time frame. The instructions were somewhat confusing and stupid so the timetable is, as Dr. Van Nostrand would say, indeterminate.

Wish me luck that I did it right…and here’s some obligatory pictures of the process.

(Disclaimer: As a kid I once screwed up Easy Mac. True Story)