Man Bun Season is Upon Us…

What does this have to be with beer you ask?..

Many moons ago, actually let’s just call it December 2015, I went on a quest to find man buns in the wild. I scoured the land, let’s just call it Jacksonville, for the bun attached to the man with great success. I had to document my findings and by that I mean post to Facebook. 

(I know I’m using fancy schmancy language, try to keep up)

The time has come to hunt the illusive man bun again but in a different world altogether, Atlanta, Georgia. This is my where my second magical journey will begin as this is a two day trek at the Music Midtown Music Festival. 

I know, I know, I still haven’t said why this has to do with beer. It’s pretty simple, I get drunk on $9 brews and feature them in my documentation of said man buns. 

You have been warned…