3 venues, 2 wrestlers, 1 IPA

This ones going to be a deucey, get it?! 

(Elbows Elbows)

Deuce is two, meaning the second WrestleMania, meaning I used the expression doozy, mea- well you know what I mean…


Anyway this WrestleMania might’ve been even more historic then the first, as it was held in three different cities, each with a different line up of wrestlers, all airing at the same time!! 

                                                                Yes John, nuts isn’t it??

Hulk Hogan reprieves his role as the baby face in the main event against King Kong Bundy in a STEEEEEL CAGE MATCH!! Some said that Hogan was done and he was a dead man walking, which leads me to the wonderfully delicious brewski(s) I’m about to drink to my face. Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA by Terrapin Beer Co is a delightfully flavorful beer at 7.7% ABV. I can go either way on blood orange brews, as I had the 2016 version in a bomber, and was underwhelmed. I’m a sucker for beer in cans, so when they just recently canned it, I was intrigued and thought to myself, “Maybe 2017 will be better.” Luckily for me Terrapin came through and was a great accompaniment to this match up. 

Fucking Elvira is filling in on announcing duties, Ricky Schroeder is the guest time keeper, and Tommy Lasorda came out to MC the whole goddamned thing, you can’t make this shit up. It’s wrestling and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 
                                        If you had these three in your office pool, congrats. 

Hogan (with ribs heavily taped) looks simply outmatched to the ginormous Bundy as the only way to win is to escape the cage and both feet hit the floor. Attempted clothesline, Hulk ducks underneath, Hogan changes course and Bundy is thrown into the reinforced cage, and Bundy is busted open!! Bundy is busted open!! Hogan goes for the body slam but to no avail as the weight of Bundy is just too much. Hulk seems to be a sitting duck and about to lose his championship and…

Wait a minute, he got up??

He’s not feeling any pain?? 

Oh my god I can’t believe it, Hogan is back up. He hurls Bundy into the ropes and…

No fucking way…

BODYSLAM!!! BODYSLAM!! Bundy is down and then the ever powerful leg drop!!

A handful of tights and a weasel of a manager Bobby Heenan can’t stop the immortal one from capturing another victory. WrestleMania Deuce is in the books to match the two beers I just inhaled. What will WrestleMania 3 have to offer?? 

One hint: Nerdy wrestling terms and of course, more beer. 


Hangin’ with Mr. Copper. 

I woke up today in a weird and sad mood, I haven’t the slightest idea why, but I knew I would need a jacket…

Bomber Jacket that is. 

Get it?!

Today, my second Brewster Club box beer (say that three times fast) hails from Columbus, Indiana. I couldn’t tell you where that is but if I had to guess, I would say somewhere between Indianapolis and E. Bum Fuck. One thing I can tell you is this Copperhead Amber Ale by 450 North Brewing Company is quite sublime. It’s an amber through and through, in every aspect, and the smoothness lent itself perfectly to a quite crushable brew. 

I decided to put on the “Blood Snake” jacket because well the beer was called Copperhead, no shit right?! 

What other one would I use??

Lets get ready to…


It went 12 rounds and needed a judges decision for this epic confrontation. Like out of the pages of a comic book, the action took place everywhere you could imagine, even unimaginable places such as:

  1. My couch
  2. My bed
  3. Dining room
  4. Other side of my couch
  5. Other side of my bed
  6. My dog Henry’s crate

Hahahaha. Just seeing if you were paying attention but you get my point, I hope.

I thinked and thanked, as I drinked and dranked (my best Dr.Seuss impression) and I came to an outcome. A very Hazy outcome you could say (wink wink) and so it was done.

The winner and new #dipadecember champion of the world…


              *is killing you*


Congrats to all the participants and I cordially invite you to try again next year. Seriously though, please try again. You can try tomorrow if you want, I need more beer anyway.

Rousing the Alchemist…

We’ve arrived and it population: 4

A northeastern battle today is on tap and one of the battles I was most excited for, but I might be just be a wee bit partial. Weighing in at 8.4 ABV, with a Johhny Yuma*-esque disposition, is the Jamaica Plain resident Sam Adams Rebel Rouser. Coming in at 9% ABV, with a pretty hipster and elitist** disposition, is Crusher by the Alchemist. I love the Alchemist but you know it’s true. 

“I must crush you.” was on the mind of this Vermont resident…( yes, I know it’s I must break you, but for this situation we’re going with crush.)  The juice was flowing, literally and figuratively, and my gaze was solid with the pure beauty of the can that is Crusher. I call bullshit AND a big fat nope on this 9% business because this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to easy to drink but who am I to complain. When you only have one, you try to savor but that doesn’t always go according to plan, like ever. I must add that this frothy goodness is still hoppy AF but smooth as Rick James…shit, that’s probably not the best analogy, ok maybe this guy…

Now that Al Green has smoothed things over (see what I did there) it is onto the rebel himself. He who rouses will ride like the tide…whoa, I just completely made that up but it worked right?!


Anyway, this is a great take on a West Coast*** DIPA with its almost earthy and resin type hop flavor. The welcomed bitterness starts the journey and once swallowed (get your mind out of the gutter) is pure bliss then the citrus and fruit sneak up on you, and finish out strong. This is an impression of the fruit sneaking up on you…

2 down…

2 to go…

* Johnny Yuma was a rebel. Look it up. 

** Lena Dunham like

*** The second best coast

And the Oscar goes to…

Quite a hard week here. The emotions overflowed like a levy breaking, while the physical toll besmirched all reality in its path. Disappointment came silent and left with the fire of a thousand suns…

(You have just read my overly dramatic and subpar grammatic explanation of these two beers just plain old sucking.)

Plus, I had to somehow get “besmirched” in this blog somehow, right meaning or not. 

Anyway, the two combatants this week were like losing your last life in the Nintendo classic, Paperboy, they didn’t deliver…

Coming in at slight low 8% ABV is Uinta Detour. I love Uinta, I really do, as seen in one of my first blog posts Salt Lake City, Uinta but this is a misstep. The smoothness was there but the hoppiness alas was not, but in the end it was able to take out its rival Raja…


No no no…

Avery Raja. In the weirdest explanation I can think of is that it’s a hop explosion but not in a good way. It’s like when you get really excited about something and then a fucking train runs you over. If you haven’t noticed I’m still going with the over dramatized shtick but this was sub par to say the least. This had more of a session feel to it than a DIPA, so I had to persevere and drink the whole thing. Poor me. 

Uinta had a plan and sliced through the competition if you know what I mean. 

Talk Yeti to Me

I’ve learned quite a lot since I’ve come down to South Carolina…

1. Nobody can drive. I work in Georgia and I dare say it’s worse. Yikes. 

2. People carry guns out in public without thinking it’s weird at all. Again, more of a Georgia thing. 

3. The couple that Yeti’s together, stays together.