Third time’s a Dog…

A heel is a bad guy. 

A babyface is a good guy. 

That’s pretty much all you need to know in wrestling. 

WrestleMania Très held the all time indoor attendance record for a crowd of 93,000+. This number was apparently bullshit but for  the sake of wrestling being awesome, I’ll keep it. Andre the Giant had enough of the Hulk Hogan show and wanted his title, which became a match for the ages, that some say was the equivalent of a man riding a shark that is towing three lovely ladies on water skis. If that isn’t a segue then I don’t know what is, which leads me to my southern IPA of choice, River Dog IPA. 

(You’ll get the weird reference later, I promise, but in the mean time)

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With the random Doug reference aside now, let’s get to the beer shall we. I’ve oogled over this brewery in previous posts like River Dog is also Man’s Best Friend, and this one is no different. This IPA is fucking stellar with its citrus hop goodness and just the perfect amount of malt, it’s like a Hogan big boot to your mouth, and I can promise you that’s a good thing. The 6.5 ABV makes it quite crushable and when it’s 80 degrees starting in February, that’s music to my ears, or it’s a cooling breeze on a hot day, or it’s the sound of jingling coins, or whatever the fuck suits your fancy. 

They apparently make them big in the French Alps, as Andre the Giant is here and has never even been body slammed. How can Hulk win???!! 

Hulk goes for a slam???!!! And his back gives out and the match is almost over just like that. 

Head butt from Andre. Head butt from Andre. Head butt from Andre, followed by a butt womp type maneuver in the corner. Hogan follows it up with clotheslines and Andre won’t go down!! The IPA is flowing and Hogans energy seems to be slowing. The bear hug is on and what??? Hogan punches, Hogan punches, the Silverdome is going wild but Hogan succumbs to the power of the giant once more. Hogan looks done and…

What the fuck?!?! What the fuck?!?! Andre is staggering and Hulk…

body slams the five hundred pounder!! Leg drop followed by the 1…2…3!!!

The baby face once again foils the heel and history has been made. Some celebratory IPA’s are in order and four seems like a good number, and also a foreshadowing to another WrestleMania spectacle. 


When life gives you El Scorcho…

You drink the shit out of it. Today is a glorious day as my band Akilavue is playing at…

Wait for it…


Couldn’t think of a more tailor made show for me as my two loves come together for a not so average afternoon. 

Southbound Brewing Company, I’m putting a ring on it. 

#fbf is now Fresh Beer Friday

I know I’ve gone on ad nauseam about River Dog but seriously, this beer is fucking delicious. They have Fresh Beer Friday in which they introduce a new beer exclusively in their taproom. Luckily for me, they are right down the road for me so I can take advantage of this with my weird schedule. 

Last week was Bedroom Eyes which was a pale wheat ale with lemon zest, ginger and brewed with peaches. Much to my chagrin they tapped the Port Royal Sound sour in a small quantity so I said “what the hell,I’ll take one”. I always say everything happens for a reason. 

Which brings me to this week and the River Dog Grisette (4.5/5). A perfect and crushable low ABV Belgian brew that screams I want to drink beer in the morning (no judgement zone). Pictured above with its golden yellow color, this bad boy goes down in Usain Bolt fashion with a subtle spice note and citrus tidings. 

All in all, this brewery is better than yours so act accordingly.