I’m now officially at 900 unique beers on Untappd and it is now my quest for 1,000 uniques. I was with my lady for her 1,000th and I want to have that same feeling. Rather than bogging you down with a post every fucking time I have a new beer, which would be exhausting for me and you, take a peep and follow me on Instagram page at beerenity_now. I will be showcasing each beer as I get closer and closer to my quest, so come along with me on my journey for 1,000. Buckle the fuck up…
You know you want to…


Passion is more than a fruit. Am I right?!

One thing I love, besides beer of course, is hearing people talk about their passions in life. You can spot, from a mile away, someone’s eyes light up when they talk about what they love. 

Now it’s your turn. Beer related or not, leave comments or stories about what your passionate about.

I’m all beers…

I mean all ears but here’s a pic of something I’m passionate about. 

Mine is the creative process. Whether it be recording drums or brewing a beer, I love seeing things come together for a final product.