The man with the Golden Beer…

The said man in the title is me, get it?!

Gross. Third nipple. Yes, within 45 seconds of this movie there is a third nipple. Aaaah, so the man with this golden gun has a third nipple or as Roger Moore so eloquently put it, a superfluous papilla. Interesting choice but even more interesting is the music selection for the title song. I still love ya John Barry but the 70’s just isn’t your scene, I don’t fault you for it. His name is Scaramanga, which every time I hear it, I hear Kancamagus (pronounced Kan-ga-main-gus). Two very different things of course. 

First you have Scaramanga…

Gentleman with a third nipple.

And now the Kancamagus…

(Obviously a highway)

Now onto the beer at hand or more specifically in my hand. Busch, yes there is a non light version, is my first soirée into the non light/ice beers in this series. Looking at my Untappd (dougilovebeer) this is the highest rating I’ve given to a shit beer so far. Judge me if you must as I’m not a beer snob by any means but that’s for a whole ‘nother post. 

This Roger Moore is more of an edgy Bond as the sexual innuendos are flying and he even pushes kids off of boats. It’s true. Speaking of little kids, not little kids, but people that look like little kids, wow this is going to an awkward place, my apologies. What I was trying to say is there a little person by the name of Hervé Villechaize, or you may know him as, Tattoo. You know him and the ironic thing is that he lives on an island in this as well. Typecasting at its finest I guess. 

Not a ton of complaints so far but there has been some weird shit in this one I tell ya. From third nipples to flying cars with wings and every racist Asian phrase you can think of, I’m intrigued to say the least. 

The least. 

Twenty five ounces are gone and their is now a kind of killing obstacle course thing that started out the movie. Who will win?! Will James Bond finally perish?! With 16 more movies to go I’m going to say a hard no on that but it’s fun to have fake suspense. 



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